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TeliaSonera Signs Up Against Corruption

TeliaSonera has, as one out of 139 companies, signed the UN Global Compacts Call to Action against corruption. This is a way for TeliaSonera bringing attention to one of the most damaging phenomenon to a country’s development and ability to attract foreign investments.
“Corruption is a severe problem for an international company like ours. Associating with this initiative will help us in the next phase of our work to minimize the risk for corruption in all our markets”, says Johan Dennelind, CEO, TeliaSonera.

The Call to Action is an appeal by the private sector to Governments, urging them to promote anti-corruption measures and to implement related policies to establish systems of good governance. By signing the Call to Action, companies commit to pursuing transparency and fighting corruption. The Call to Action will be forwarded to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to highlight the private sector’s continuing efforts to work with other important stakeholders in the fight against corruption.

“We want our employees, customers, shareholders and governments to know that we have strong commitment to do business in a responsible way, but we need their support in this. We have strengthened our internal controls and have set firm policies and guidelines, but there are limitations of what we can do on our own”, says Johan Dennelind.

The Call to Action asks Governments to:

1. Fully implement and enforce the tenets of the UN Convention against Corruption by strengthening anti-corruption policies, laws and enforcement mechanisms to create a level playing field and incentivize good behavior;
2. Make a commitment to reducing corruption risks from procurement and contract processes of large-scale projects that are designed to support sustainable development;
3. Commit to engaging in competitive and transparent procurement processes through public advertising of all government procurement cases;
4. Achieve greater transparency in relation to revenues received by Governments from private sector companies;
5. Support corporate efforts to enhance anti-corruption implementation, corporate governance, innovative collective action and public-private partnership initiatives.