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Telia accused of using misleading advertising

Telecom giant, TeliaSonera has been accused of using misleading advertising, according to the Swedish Consumer Agency.
It was about subscriptions for broadband and digital television, which costs up to Skr295 more than what the advertisement claims.
TeliaSonera carried an advertisement on its website for five different broadband packages which at first glance seemed to cost between Skr299 and Skr359 a month.
But what is not revealed was that the monthly rate was actually Skr29 or higher for each subscription, except for the first three months.

According to Swedish Price Information Act (PIL), all compulsory rates must be included in the price of products or services. This where Telia had worked contrary to the PIL, consider the Consumer Agency, according to various Swedish media reports.
“A quote is normally the single most important factor that the consumer takes in his or her account when considering making a business decision. The pricing information provided for broadband services is incorrect and therefore misleading. “
Even TeliaSonera