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Telia webbmail doesn`t work in Firefox 5.0

Telia webbmail doesn`t work in Firefox 5.0 it`s working in 4.01,what is the problem,I wonder?

Everytime I tried to check Telia Webbmail it`s nothing working in the e-mail side but in 4.01 it`s working,what it`s the I wonder?

Augulis withdraws from Lattelecom and LMT privatization task force

Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis (Union of Greens and Farmers) has sent a letter to Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) where the minister announces that he withdraws from the government’s task force that focuses on drafting proposals and a plan of action for privatization of the state’s shares in the telecommunications companies Lattelecom and Latvijas Mobilais telefons (LMT).

Augulis explained during a press conference today that he quit the task force because he believes that its decisions and public announcements regarding Lattelecom and LMT‘s privatization are unacceptable, writes LETA.

“I believe that both companies’ services will become more expensive after their privatization,” said Augulis.

Augulis previously urged the task force to assess whether a significant share of the companies’ infrastructure should still belong to the state even after the privatization, raising suspicion from Economy Minister Artis Kampars’ (Unity) and a resulting public announcement thereof.

Augulis previously told that usually, if such companies are privatized, the state maintains the essential infrastructure that is required to transmit radio and television broadcasts during emergencies.

TeliaSonera says drops out of Polkomtel bidding

TeliaSonera (TLSN.ST) said on Friday it would not make a binding offer for Poland’s No. 2 mobile operator Polkomtel [PTL.UL].

“We have done our homework … it is a judgement call and in the end we decided not to make an offer,” TeliaSonera spokeswoman Irene Krohn told Reuters.

Last month, Polkomtel’s sellers shortlisted Polish media mogul Zygmunt Solorz-Zak, private equity firm Apax, Sweden’s TeliaSonera (TLSN.ST), and a joint venture of Telenor (TEL.OL) and private equity firm Bain Capital as possible buyers.

Latvian Economy minister denies reaching agreement with TeliaSonera

Economy Minister Artis Kampars (Unity) admitted in an interview with “Rietumu radio” today that he had a meeting with representatives from the Swedish telecommunication company TeliaSonera at the end of May 2011, but denied that an agreement was reached on the sale of state-owned shares in Lattelecom or Latvijas Mobilais telefons (LMT) during this meeting.

According to Kampars, the further process of the talks was discussed at the meeting

Wow European servers at Swedish Telia, what a f-joke !!

Why would Blizzard put a bunch of the European servers to be hosted at Telia ?
I have some expertise in this area, and Telia really sucks when it comes to hosted servers and communication in Sweden.

They have a bad habbit of twinking the bandwith to there infrastructure from other ISP’s.
Do you know what the result of that is when you like to play Wow against their servers?

That’s right, lag lag lag !!

My ISP is Comhem and tonight, like alot of other nights, I’m having big trouble playing my favorite game.
I have 3 children, and there all sleeping right now, and this is my time ! I can’t afford this shit by Telia !!

Please Blizz, change your hosted partner in Europe to someone else but Telia, you will benefit !

European Court of Justice Gives Preliminary Ruling in TeliaSonera Case

On February 17, 2011, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued its judgment in the TeliaSoneracase.  TeliaSonera Sverige AB is the incumbent operator in the Swedish market for fixed-line telephony.  The Swedish courts referred the case to the ECJ for guidance on the circumstances in which a margin squeeze may amount to abuse of a dominant position.

TeliaSonera argued that a dominant undertaking should be free to fix its terms of trade, unless its conduct meets the test established in the case of Bronner.  Under Bronner, the terms of trade must be so disadvantageous to those trading with the dominant undertaking that they entail a refusal to supply.

The ECJ rejected TeliaSonera’s argument.  It held that selling goods on conditions which are disadvantageous may in itself be a form of abuse distinct from refusal to supply, and in such case the Bronner criteria do not need to be satisfied.  The ECJ justified its position on grounds of policy, arguing that to apply Bronner in the manner advocated by TeliaSonera would unduly reduce the effectiveness of Article 102 TFEU (EU law governing abuse of dominant position).

The Court also acknowledged in its judgment the concept of super-dominance.  It noted, however, that the existence of a position of super-dominance is irrelevant to establishing the infringement, since a dominant position alone is sufficient for that purpose.  The degree of dominance held by the undertaking, and therefore whether it is super-dominant, may be relevant when assessing the effects of the undertaking’s conduct.