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Open Dialogue is required immediately to resolve dispute at Lattelecom Latvia

UNI Telecom Global Union
Philip J. Jennings
General Secretary

Tel.: +41 22 365 2126

Mr. Juris Gulbis, Executive Director & Chairman of the Board
SIA Lattelecom
Dzirnavu street 105,
Riga, 1011

Nyon, 31 May 2011

Open Dialogue is required immediately to resolve dispute at Lattelecom Latvia  

Mr. Gatis Konkins, Chairman of Supervisory Council, SIA Lattelecom Mr. Juris Gulbis, Executive Director & Chairman of the Board, SIA Lattelecom
Mr. Lars Nyberg, CEO Teliasonera
Mr. Uldis Augulis, Minister of Transport, Republic of Latvia
Mr. Artis Kampars, Minister of Economics, Republic of Latvia 

Dear Sirs,  

We thank you kindly for your replies to the serious issues occurring in Lattelecom.

It is regrettable to report that the situation has not improved. We have been contacted today by our affiliate the Latvian Post and Telecommunications Workers Trade Union (LSAB). They reported that the situation in Lattelecom and the company

Court rejects TeliaSonera call for Turkcell EGM

A Turkish Court ordered that Turkcell’s existing statutory auditors remain in place until Turkcell’s extraordinary general meeting. Prior to this decision, the chairman of Turkcell’s board initiated a lawsuit requesting that the current statutory auditors remain in their posts until the next general assembly meeting or the assignment of a new statutory auditor by the Court. The chairman’s lawsuit came after Turkcell’s statutory auditors were not elected during an annual general meeting held on 21 April. In addition, Sonera Holding, a shareholder of Turkcell controlled by TeliaSonera, initiated a lawsuit seeking authorisation for the convening of an extraordinary general meeting. At the hearing of the respective lawsuit, the court has rejected the case on grounds that it lacked a precedent.

Court rejects Lattelecom complaints against Baltkom CEO

Jurmala city court has rejected a complaint filed by Latvian fixed operator Lattelecom about the CEO of cable operator Baltkom, Peters Smidre. Lattelecom had accused Smidre of insulting the company over TV24 TV-channel and Radio Baltikum radio station, reports Dienas Bizness. The court ruled that Smidre’s statement related to the work style of Lattelecom.

Telia’s cynical marketing ploy.

As there is no TV antenna on our rented house we get our TV from Telia via broadband we have the “Stor” package which has a good range of channels although not so many suited to our young kids who are 4 and 7.

I was delighted so to find that Nick Jr., Playhouse Disney and Boomerang were now in our channel lineup about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

And of course the kids loved it even more, until this morning when I switched on the TV to find had now disappeared.

Of course now I realise that the whole thing was just a cynical marketing ploy by Telia to get us to shell out another 69kr a month for the Children + Disney add on package so that peace and harmony can be restored in the household.

Over my dead body will Telia get another kroner out of me and when our contract expires next month I’ll be looking for an alternative supplier for Phone TV & BB.

The question is, is there a telecoms ombudsman here that I can make a formal complaint to about this sort of dirty trick to sell via pressure from kids?

Telia Sonera cuts 170 jobs

Nordic telecoms giant TeliaSonera is to cut 170 jobs in Finland, the company said on Wednesday following talks on job cuts with unions.

“The outcome of all three (job cut) talks is that 170 jobs will end and 48 new jobs will be created, so the net job losses are actually 122,” company spokesman Ahti Martikainen told AFP.

At the start of talks in April, TeliaSonera said it needed to cut about 200 jobs.

“We hope that the people who lose their jobs will apply for the positions that are opening,” Martikainen said.

Finnish white-collar union Pro has staged two strikes in the past two months to protest the cuts, claiming TeliaSonera was offering better layoff conditions to Swedish employees.

The company said in a statement the severance packages it offered included monetary compensation of between three and 15 months, and said this was “significantly better” than the minimum requirements set down by Finnish law.

In April, the company born out of the 2002 merger of Sweden‘s Telia and Finland’s Sonera posted a first-quarter net profit down 2.0 percent to 4.6 billion Swedish kronor (514 million euros, 732 million dollars).

The company also revised down its full-year sales expectations due to slower growth and currency fluctuations.