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Dėl OMNITEL įsipareigojimų nevykdymo ir vienašališkų veiksmų

Š.m. liepos 16 d. man paskambinusiai OMNITEL darbuotojai pasakiau, kad sutinku, jog man į namus būtų atvežta sutartis dėl pokalbių plano keitimo į Lyderis0 ir telefonas NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic. Darbuotoja sakė, kad planas bus įjungtas tik man pasirašius sutartį ir kad sutartis bus įvykdyta per 10 dienų.

Liepos 24 d. gavau SMS žinutę, kad man įjungtas pokalbių planas Lyderis0, nors to neprašiau, pačios sutarties nemačiau.

Š.m. liepos 27, 28 d. dėl to kreipiausi į OMNITEL el. paštu.

Šiandien liepos 29 d. nemačiau nei sutarties, nei telefono. Niekas manęs neinformavo, neatsiprašė dėl susitarimo nevykdymo.

Kur sutartis? Kur telefonas?

‘TeliaSonera faces claim from Eesti Telekom shareholders’

Estonian law firm Sorainen has proposed former minority shareholders of Estonian operator Eesti Telekom join a claim for additional payment for their shares by 30 July. The minority shareholders of Eesti Telekom were bought out by TeliaSonera late last year. Sorainen considers the real value of Eesti Telekom was higher by at least EEK 29 per share, reports Verslo Zinios. The claim against TeliaSonera calls for additional payments of EEK 28 million. TeliaSonera paid EEK 93 per share during the squeeze-out in October 2009 and spent in total EUR 343.6 million on the buy-out of shares in Eesti Telecom.

Sorainen publishes directions for small shareholders of Eesti Telekom

Law firm Sorainen has published explanations and directions for minority shareholders of Eesti Telekom in claiming compensation from TeliaSonera through joint action by way of additional payment for squeezed out shares.

The law firm is cooperating with Nasdaq OMX in sending the communication out to all small shareholders of Eesti Telekom who were squeezed out. The letter is available on the website of Sorainen and will also be sent to all small shareholders in the second half of this week.

Sorainen partner Reimoo Hammerberg said in comment that it was the beginning of a new era in the joint protection of investors in Estonia. He added that it was very important that there would be a sufficient number of small shareholders joining the class action since it is a pre-requisite for implementation and that those shareholders who contribute financially at this stage would receive a higher return in case of successful outcome.

Former small shareholders may claim 28 mln kroons from Eesti Telekom

Law firm Sorainen is offering former minority shareholders of Eesti Telekom to join until 30 July an action claiming additional compensation from TeliaSonera for squeezed out shares. The law firm says that, according to preliminary analysis, the value of Eesti Telekom was at least 29 kroons per share higher than the compensation paid by TeliaSonera and that the price paid by TeliaSonera was based on the decreased share price under conditions of market interruption and liquidity trap, which did not reflect the fair value of Eesti Telekom.

“It is vitally important that a sufficient number of investors take part in the action, otherwise this good initiative will not be pursued. Those investors who make monetary contributions at this stage will also receive bigger compensation in the event of a successful outcome,” comments Reimo Hammerberg, a partner with Sorainen.

The court gave the former shareholders of Eesti Telekom time until 30 July to pay 300,000 kroons as a retainer fee to the court deposit account. If the court orders TeliaSonera to pay additional compensation, then according to law in general TeliaSonera should also bear all related costs.

“Potential compensation according to preliminary analysis is in total close to 28 million kroons, an amount that should be sufficient to motivate minority shareholders to take further action,” comments Kristjan Hänni, a member of the management board of Kawe Kapital, at whose request the court appointed Sorainen to represent former minority shareholders claiming fair compensation for Eesti Telekom shares.

Sorainen and Nasdaq OMX will send former minority shareholders a detailed explanation and directions how to join the action.

TeliaSonera May Face Class Action Lawsuit From Estonian Unit’s Ex-Owners

TeliaSonera AB, Sweden’s largest telephone company, may face a class-action suit by the former minority holders of AS Eesti Telekom, who say the state received preferential treatment in the buyout last year.

Asset manager Kawe Kapital, a former shareholder, received promise from other former owners for half the required 300,000 krooni ($24,000) to be deposited for litigation costs, said Kawe partner Kristjan Hanni yesterday. Former holders that were forced to sell shares after a buyout bid say TeliaSonera last September gave Estonia an edge when it committed to pay itself 100 percent of Eesti Telekom’s profit for three years, making it liable to pay a 21 percent dividend tax that effectively gave the state better financial terms than others.

“Minority shareholders were never offered anything corresponding to these tax revenues of about 2 euros per share,” he said in an email interview. “We have a clear reason due to this treatment to try and secure compensation from TeliaSonera in the form of a class action that would correspond to the value of assets taken from us against our will.”

TeliaSonera, which owned 60 percent before making its offer on Aug. 24, bid 3.33 billion kronor ($444 million) in cash for the remaining shares, or 5.94 euros a share for Eesti Telekom. Estonia’s government, which owned 27 percent of Eesti Telekom, last September accepted an improved offer from TeliaSonera that included an extra dividend of 6.99 krooni per share. This helped TeliaSonera exceed the 90 percent threshold for a so-called squeeze-out. The suit would affect about 1,400 shareholders forced to sell shares in the squeeze out.

Total Compensation

Total compensation would equal about 2.8 million euros ($3.5 million), assuming a price of 2 euros per share, Hanni said. He expects financial commitments from other former owners topping the full sum of 300,000 krooni on July 20. The legal deadline to deposit the required funds to go ahead with the class-action suit is Aug. 2.

Former owners contributing 1.5 krooni per share for litigation costs would pay lawyers 10 percent of potential compensation, while those not depositing any funds would have to pay 30 percent of any proceeds, according to an agreement with the Sorainen law office.

The case would be the first class-action suit in Estonia related to minority buyouts, after such an option was established in 2006, said Urmas Volens, a specialist counsel with Sorainen, in a phone interview today.

TeliaSonera spokeswoman Irene Krohn said the company “complied with the laws and regulations that apply” and “achieved a very high level of acceptance for the bid, according to an e-mailed response to Bloomberg question. She declined further comment.

TeliaSonera exits Danish cable business with Stofa sale

Multinational telecoms operator TeliaSonera has exited the Danish cable business, having sold its cable subsidiary Stofa for DKr1.1bn($186.8m). Stofa is to be sold on a cash and debt free basis to private equity (PE) firm Ratos, with proceeds from the sale expected to fund TeliaSonera’s 4G network expansions across Scandinava and proposed 4G licence acquisitions in the Baltics. Following the deal, TeliaSonera will report a DKr500m ($85m) capital gain in its third quarter results, when the deal is expected to be completed.

At end 2009, Stofa had 218,000 cable TV customers connected to its network via housing and antenna associations, having seen minimal growth save for the period leading up to the analogue switch-off in Denmark in end 2009. TeliaSonera, in which the Swedish and Finnish governments have a 51 per cent stake, has extensive telecoms operations in the Nordic and Baltic regions, as well in certain CEE countries and Nepal.

Atkreipkite dėmesį kaip TEO “teisėtai” vagia žmonių pinigus

Nutariau nutraukti savo sutartį su TEO ir sužinojau įdomų faktą, pasirodo TEO nepriima pareiškimo nuraukti sutartį kol jai nepateikiamas Interneto ir GALA televizijos modemas, kurį jie nuomavo. Ta normalu, kadangi tai jų turtas, bet pasirodo atnešęs šiuos įrenginius, pagal monopolininko nustatytą tvarką, tu dar privalai mokėti už 5 darbo dienas t.y. už kalendorinę savaitę paslaugos teikimo, negaudamas už tai jokios paslaugos (modemų jau nebėra). Kai aš kreipiausi į TEO dėl tokio akivaizdaus plėšimo, jie tiesiog išsityčiojo ir pasakė, kad galiu eiti po velnių (perkeltine prasme).

Tai nėra dideli pinigai iš manės jie pavogė apytiksliai 35 Lt. bet žinant jog tai sistema galiojanti visoje Lietuvoje, susidaro solidžios sumos.

Telia, Altimo to appeal Moscow court block on MegaFon deal

TeliaSonera said on Friday that it and Russia’s Altimo would appeal a Moscow court ruling blocking plans to merge stakes in mobile firm MegaFon.

The ruling, if it stands, would scupper Telia’s attempt to increase its control over one of its key holdings and end its hopes of getting a dividend from cash-rich MegaFon, Russia’s number two mobile firm.

“Altimo and TeliaSonera disagree with the court’s decision and believe that it is based on an insufficient analysis of facts and applicable rules and statutes,” the companies said in a statement.

In November 2009, Altimo and TeliaSonera agreed to merge their interests in Turkish mobile firm Turkcell and Russia’s MegaFon into a new company — if they could solve a dispute over ownership of Turkcell shares.

Telia has been sparring with unlisted Turkish conglomerate Cukurova since 2005 when the Turkish group backed away from a deal to sell shares in Turkcell to Telia, opting instead to form a venture with Alfa Group, of which Altimo is a part.

In April, metals magnate Alisher Usmanov, who owns 39 percent of MegaFon, filed a suit to force Telia and Altimo to scrap their agreement over the Russian firm.

Last month, a Moscow court ruled in Usmanov’s favour.

Usmanov has said he favours swapping his MegaFon stake for a share in the reformed state telecoms holding company Svyazinvest.